Chia-Wei Chang, Mu-Hwai Liou and Tzu-Jung Huang

“I’m bargaining with the woman” – Chia-Wei Chang,  Mu-Hwai Liou and Tzu-Jung Huang

Chia-Wei Chang
Mu-Hwai Liou
Tzu-Jung Huang
BArch Candidates – School of Architecture, Feng Chia University

Advisor: Po-jen Cheng
Lecturer and Tutor – School of Architecture, Feng Chia University

Chia-Wei, Mu-Hwai  and Tzu-Jung completed their project in May 2018. The project aims at rejuvenating one of the devastated communities in Pharping, as well as promoting sustainable agenda. The intention is to make a difference through ‘thought-provoking drawings’, getting people around the world interested in the beautiful nation which is facing pressing issues. By doing so, Chia-Wei, Mu-Hwai  and Tzu-Jung believe they can help combat the problems through global collaboration.