Welcome to narratives, a semi-academic publication space for research, design and built projects that explore new and emerging ways of thinking, making and experiencing; and for presenting opinions on planning, politics and policies in architecture and the built environment.

An annual print with quarterly digital outputs, narratives is your platform to read about, and to plot your stories and experiences; to reflect and to be critical about shifting narratives in architecture and the built environment at the intersection of politics, economics, society, culture and the environment.

narratives in print is issued annually. It is a collection of selected digital content from our online space. See our ongoing Call for Submissions for how to be considered for the next issue.

narratives is the first publication by The Architects’ Project, an autonomous initiative continuously engaging with industry experts and academics to deliver a wide range of activities and services. At /tap, we experiment with architecture and design thinking as tools for development with the aim of empowering citizens and the built environment community towards better ways of developing the environment and society.