Building local in Ghana

Project Title: Medase House

Location: Abetenim, Ghana

Author: Giulia Fortunato

Medase House – Giulia Fortunato

In Ghana as in many other African countries, from the cities to the low-income villages, modern general cultural orientation considers the use of imported materials such as concrete indispensable for building while local materials are neglected. Yet an excellent, economical and local alternative is available everywhere: building with earth.

NKA foundation is an NGO wishing to transform attitudes surrounding the use of local building materials and techniques in Ghana by demonstrating how alternatives to imported materials can be realised. In order to do this, NKA Foundation organises seminars and workshops on site in Abetenim village, near Juaben in Ghana

This narrative outlines a proposed model house for rural Ghana: Medase House. It discusses the process of developing the project from its conception to a prototype, and as realised on site.

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