Alessandro Masoni


Alessandro Masoni, born in Pisa in 1981, in a cultural environment replete of art and in a family of architects and builders, obtained his Master Degree in Architecture in 2007 – cum laude and dignity of press at the University of Florence, and in 2011 his PhD in the same university. As a freelance architect, he lived and worked in several countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America, collaborating with local professional, architectural firms and consulting for construction companies around the world.

His skills ranges from design to design management performed for important and complex constructions in multicultural environments and diverse markets. Despite his many professional commitments, he never abandoned his passion for research. He published several articles and has been invited to give lectures at the KNUST University of Architecture in Ghana, at Waterford Kamhlaba United World College in Swaziland and at the CUJAE University of La Habana, Cuba.